Why we trust

Our Relationship with Traders

 “Specialty coffee for us is defined as a high-quality coffee that comes from the sources to the final cup that we serve to customers. All important elements represent the premium quality with hard-working professionals. We have worked directly with local farmers and experienced detail processing. Our coffee suppliers also professionally work in the same way. This is why we are caring about supply chain management of coffee commodities.” said Ms. Priyawadee Amornurathkul, a co-founder of Samadool Coffee.


Samadool Coffee has been working with world-class professional sourcing, developing, supporting, and trading green coffee beans companies like Caravela Coffee and Melbourne Coffee Merchants (MCM). Our long-term relationship has kept us delicate work along with well-planned management in each step of the system. Great attention and service including true professionalism are all where our long-term relationship has been built upon the trust and experience of the two companies' products and services over the years.


Caravela is a Latin American specialty green coffee exporter and importer that responsibly sourced coffee from more than 4000 smallholder coffee producers. The company has also been one of three major companies exporting coffee from Colombia and Latin America to the world since 2000. Over 20 years of experience, the company has learned the greatest way to discover and export coffee compounds around the world. With a local team in 7 countries, Samadool Coffee team has been learning Caravela Coffee over the years. During the time, it has made us realize that the quality of their products has never dropped or failed us. Thus, their quality has assured us in maintaining the standard of products and good management of this supplier to Samadool Coffee Company.


“To guarantee the quality and consistency of every single bag we sell, and to pay each grower what they deserve, we separate each lot we purchase and perform rigorous physical and cup quality controls, grading coffees according to cup quality, profile and region. This also allows us to provide full transparency and traceability to our roaster partners, ensuring a fair game for all.” A message from our well-trusted coffee trader company, Caravela Coffee.


Melbourne Coffee Merchants Company, also known as MCM, is a company that has been launched and developed since 2008 by Fleur Studd and her father, Will Studd. MCM was the first company engaged in educating and developing integrated coffee farming to the production process and import high quality specialty grade coffee beans. Every lot is a fresh crop of coffee brought to the Australian market with a headquarter based in Melbourne. The team's experiences include roasting, cupped tasting, and quality researching of specialty coffee and management systems as well as good relationships with the people in MCM team. The company has never doubted why we would choose them since their confidence in quality and commitment to goals has already shown us as a result of their long-term relationship with coffee producers.


“Delicious, high-quality coffee is our sole focus. All our purchasing decisions are based around the selection of coffees that we love and find delicious, and that we are excited to share. We work with dedicated and progressive producers, who care as much as we do about quality, and who produce exceptional coffees. We believe everyone in the coffee chain can and should prosper, and that a focus on transparency and a commitment to pay premiums back to the producer is the best way to ensure a sustainable and viable future for coffee farming." Letter from an expert in green coffee beans sourcing and supply, Melbourne Coffee Merchants (MCM).