Who we are

 Samadool Coffee”, a name that shows what all of us want to represent through a coffee shop and a small roastery located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Whether it is daily life or business life, “Samadool”, or “Balance” in English, is something that blends this place together. It became the perfect name for this place, from an idea of one of our co-executives, Mr. Pornwichai Chueabunditporn. The taste of every coffee cup we serve, all the coffee beans we roast, the conversation, the atmosphere, all the services we provide, and the knowledge from our experiences that we convey to customers, these are our truly intention that arises from the love of coffee and wants to enhance the quality in making Thailand’s coffee industry to be developed and to grow further.

 The name of “Samadool Coffee'' was originated from the intention of having his own coffee shop of Mr. Jessada  Itthithanakorn or Sam with a small gathering of friends, brothers and sisters who also love everything about coffee, Mr. Pornwichai C. (Tua), Mr. Chanon N. (Yok), Ms. Priyawadee A. (Priya), and Ms. Pornpat S. (May). It might just be a coincidence that Sam's name also matches the beginning of the word “Samadool Coffee'', but at the same time, it perfectly matches the purpose of the shop and honors the founder. Here is a warm-welcoming story of how we have created this heart-crafted place from the coffee lovers to the coffee lovers.

 With Sam and the co-founder team's long experience with the top roasters in Sydney, Australia, we had foresighted the possibility and potential of farmers and producers to develop the quality of Thai coffee to the international market with the same standards as other coffee growing and producing countries around the world. This can also make those manufacturers have a better quality of life and pass on their knowledge and abilities to future generations. Since those of our days in Australia, it has become a project that is one of the main objectives of the store. In addition, “Samadool Team” would like to pass on knowledge and understanding from direct experiences gained from working and living abroad to the consumer market in Thailand through the high-quality coffee drinking, knowledge and passion sharing in a ‘balanced’ way through the coffee beans that are truly called “Specialty Coffee” or “Premium Quality Coffee Beans”.