Caravela Coffee

In 2000, Caravela coffee began the quest to source outstanding Latin American coffee from small farmers, determined to reward passion and recognize excellence. Caravel coffee soon learned that to accomplish this, They needed to be present, focusing on the people that make great coffee happen – coffee producers and roasters – while demonstrating a tireless commitment to quality and transparency at every level, from farm to cup. 
Caravela coffee have grown and evolved since then, and despite the challenges they’ve faced, one constant has been a commitment to their purpose: to make coffee better, for everyone involved

20th anniversary, Cravela coffee look forward to celebrating great coffee for many more years whilst making a profound impact in the coffee world, together with their partners at origin and destination.

Back to 2013 when we started working in coffee industry in Australia ( Coffee Alchemy and Delula Coffee ) places we used to worked with .Caravela coffee supplied green beans for two of those company .Caravela Coffee transferred good experiences from framers to us  how hard farmers worked for whole year until the harvest season has come  with the high standard of the coffee beans.We learn how to appreciated even single of bean that has been produced .Meanwhile we learn how to care of single cup of coffee that we brew.Not just a cup coffee but It mean a lot for the farmers who want to show the intention to the consumers.
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