Sam (Mr. Jessada Itthithanakorn) founder who has been really passionate about coffee. He had a long experience working with Coffee Alchemy titled as a head barista, QC sample roaster, and a manager. His purpose of starting a company is to improve and develope quality of Thai coffees. He saw the potential to bring it up to the world standard quality in the future.

Tom (Mr.Pornwichai Chueabunditporn) co-founder and also Sam closed friend since his childhood, and they were agree with that same idea. Tom had a long experience as a senior barista in Australia. He worked in many cafes that use coffees from different leading rosateries, including Toby’s Estate, Coffee Alchemy, Deluca Coffee Roaster, and Single-O.Shortly after they agreed to start this project.

Priya (Ms. Priyawadee Amornurathkul) co-founder.Pri has an expert of management and training skills. She has been working as a professional senior barista and a head roaster at CoffeeAlchemy.

Unforgettable, we also have other two important supporters who join our team.Firstly, May (Ms. Pornpat Swangwong). She is Sam’s partner. She had her experiences alongside with Sam. She worked as a senior barista at Gumption Coffee and Tap Espresso.Secondly, Yok (Mr. Chanon Nophadoltiyakul). He is Priya’s partner. He brought up his own coffee skill and also being a good consultant about management. He worked as a senior barista at Pablo&Rusty and head barista at Boon Cafe.

We aim to share our experiences of an authentic coffee culture from Australia with a genuine customer.We play the role of a connector between customers and farmers to convey the coffee story.We focus on the quality of raw materials which is we roast and delivery to our customers.Meanwhile move towards developing the quality of Thai’s coffee to be a world standard.We commit to enhance our skills and knowledge to develop excellent products.