Los Idolos

Los Idolos

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Supplier : Caravela Coffee

Country: Colombia

Processing: Fully washed

Variety: Typica and Caturra

Municipality: San Agustin

Department: Huila

Altitude: 1,600 - 1,900 MASL

Los Idolos is a fully washed Colombia coffee from San Agustin, Huila. The average height for farming area is at around 1,600-1,900 MASL. The variety are Typica and Caturra. The coffee growers from this region initially got together to share ideas and form groups to facilitate the sale of their coffees. The group has always been quality focused and members currently working on standardising practices, improving. Their beneficio processes as well as their drying patios. They have managed to significantly increase the quality of their coffee over time. 

Los Idolos is a coffee with nice and balance in body, acidity, and sweetness. It fills your mouth with a delightful caramel-like sweetness, with lots of tropical fruit notes including purple grape and juicy mix berry flavours, and a refreshing aftertaste that truly a very special coffee.


Suitable for Espresso Machine, Mokka Pot, Stove Top, French press, and Filter brewing methods

Recommended Espresso Machine,Mokka Pot,French press

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