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Country: Kenya

Region: Central Kenya

County: Kirinyaga

Estate: Kabumbu

Owner: Joseph Mugo Karaba

Farm size: 5 acres

Variety: SL28, SL34, Batian

Grade: AA

Process: Fully washed

Kabumbu (pronounced “kah-boom-buh”) means “small hill” in Swahili.

The coffee was carefully handpicked by Joseph and his team and sorted to ensure only the ripe cherries were processed. It was pulped using a disc pulping machine. The coffee was then dry fermented for 16–24 hours, to break down the sugars and remove the mucilage (sticky fruit covering) from the outside of the beans. The parchment covered coffee was then washed in water channels with fresh water and sent to soaking tanks where it sat underwater for a further 24 hours. This process increases the proteins and amino acids, which in turn heightens the complexity of the acidity. After soaking, the coffee was dried on raised drying tables (also known as African beds) and turned constantly to ensure they are dried evenly. 

Suitable for Espresso Machine, Mokka Pot, Stove Top, French press, and Filter brewing methods

Recommended Espresso Machine,Mokka Pot,French press

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